Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works consists of 3 divisions: Highway, Sanitation, and the Automotive Garage. The Department's employees are responsible for the maintenance of over 41 miles of Village streets, sanitary sewer pipes and pump stations, sanitation and recycling programs, maintenance of all Village owned vehicles and equipment, parks, and the marina.

The New 2024 Sanitation Calendar is here! (PDF)

The new Toter™ 96 Gallon household garbage containers have arrived in the Village of Port Chester. 

Toter™ Instructions (PDF)

Additional Information

Many residents may have come home over the last few nights to find that their new toter has been left for them in their driveways.

The Department of Public Works and its vendor have been assembling these toters and delivering them as quickly as they can. Residents can begin using their toters immediately- just simply place the toter at the end of your driveway the evening before pickup and we will have the toter emptied in the morning.

We know that some residents may have some difficulties moving a toter up and down properties, especially if they happen to be exceptionally full- but don't worry, we can help with that!

The village's DPW keeps a list in their office of the addresses of residents who regularly need some help. If you are one of our senior residents or need some other regular accommodation from DPW to help have your toter emptied, all you have to do is call 914-939-5207, give your information, and ask to be added to this list.

A representative from DPW may follow up your phone call with a site visit, if necessary, to show you where on your property you should leave your toter so that a village employee can routinely retrieve the toter and return it each day.

Remember, there is some helpful information already inside your brand new toter that you should read; it should answer any initial questions you have about schedules and operations. If after reading the information you still have some questions, feel free to call DPW at 914-939-5207 and someone will assist you.

Thank you for your time, cooperation, and patience as we roll out these new toters and expand this service to more residents.