Ambulance Corps

Port Chester AmbulanceMission

The Port Chester-Rye- Rye Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps (PCRRBVAC) is dedicated to serving the Emergency Medical Service and local Ambulance transportation needs of the communities of Port Chester, Rye, and Rye Brook, New York. PCRRBVAC is respectful of the trust bestowed upon it by these communities to protect the health and wellbeing of their citizens. The Corps strives to provide quality Emergency Medical Care utilizing the latest techniques and equipment in a timely, compassionate, and cost-effective manner. The Corps will identify and be responsive to emerging community health care and emergency response needs.


The Port Chester-Rye- Rye-Brook Volunteer Ambulance Corps celebrates its 35th anniversary this year with a reputation as one of the best emergency medical services organizations in Westchester County. The Corps handles about 4,800 emergency calls a year, needing assistance from neighboring EMS services an average of 15 times, one of the lowest in the region. "We have a very highly trained, dedicated staff," Administrator Scott Moore said. "Many of our volunteers come from outside the region. People want to be here to learn."

The organization serves the Villages of Port Chester and Rye Brook and the City of Rye. It has 45 staff members, including 16 volunteers. Paid staff members include 17 paramedics and 13 EMTs. Two ambulances are in operation 24 hours a day. Both are staffed with a paramedic and an emergency medical technician.