Mayor Luis A. Marino emigrated to the United States in 1985. Shortly after arriving, he selected Port Chester, New York to be his new home and has lived in this village for nearly 40 years. In 1990 he began his employment with the Scarsdale School district and remains a hardworking and integral part of the district’s property maintenance and facility management team.

As a volunteer, resident, and friend, Luis is recognized as a fervent supporter of not just the local Hispanic people but internationally coordinating yearly trips to the benefit of underprivileged children and families in need of urgent medical needs residing in Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, and Ecuador. His dedication to bettering the quality of life for all Port Chester residents through community service helped him become the first elected Hispanic village trustee in 2010 and subsequently the first Hispanic Village Mayor in 2021. Mayor Marino successfully won re-election for another two-year term in March 2023.

Luis Marino is a dedicated father of two children, a son, and a daughter, is married to his wife Andrea, a postal service worker, and recently welcomed the arrival of his first grandchild earlier this year.

Mayor Marino’s focus on improving the village of Port Chester continues to stem from his insistence that we can always do better; better for our community and its people and as local government. Luis continues to communicate to his constituents that the Mayor of Port Chester leads an incredible melting pot filled with tremendously different cultures, traditions, values, and priorities. The challenge to make our village greater by bringing all of our people together, continues to fuel his desire to serve the people.

Elected Positions & Membership Associations (Past & Present)

  • Deputy Mayor, Board of Trustees: 2013
  • Village Trustee, Board of Trustees: 2010
  • Police Commissioner
  • Fire Warden
  • Volunteer Firefighter, Mellor Engine & Hose #3: 1995
  • Rye Town Park Commission: 2021
  • Member, Village Taxi Commission: 2005
  • Member, Knights of Columbus
  • Member, Bolivian Cultural Center
  • Member, Hagua Foundation (Guatemala)
  • Member, Windows to the Future Foundation
  • Member, Martial Bravo Foundation (Octos-Peru)
  • Member, Westchester Hispanic Democrats
  • Member, Brotherhood Lord of Miracles

Volunteerism & Philanthropy (Past & Present)

  • Don Bosco, Food Pantry & Holiday Meal Services
  • American Red Cross, Shelter & Disaster Team
  • Twin Towers Disaster Response, New York, NY
  • Hurricane Katrina Disaster Response, New Orleans, LA
  • Fuego Volcano Disaster Response, Escuintla, Guatemala