Procedure for Submission of Applications

Procedure for Submission of Applications to the Architectural Board of Review

Application for Permit to Build and applications for Alterations and Repairs must be submitted as follows:

  1. TWO (2) applications are to be completed, signed and notarized prior to submission.
  2. THREE (3) color photos are to be submitted as follow :
    • One photo of the building adjacent to the right of the proposed new construction or alteration.
    • One photo of the building adjacent to the left of the proposed new construction or alteration.
    • One photo of the actual location of where the alteration or addition will be done.
  3.  FOUR (4) sets of plans are to be submitted showing front, side, and rear elevation. Plans shall be drawn to conform to Architectural standards.

Payment of$ 50 fee for a one and two family dwelling; payment of $100 fee for all other uses is to be submitted to the Building Department. This fee is for the Architectural Board of Review only.

The Building permit fee is a separate fee to be paid prior to the issuance of the Building Permit.

Building Department Requirements for Submission of Additions or Alterations

  1. If the application is for new construction or and addition, a copy of a survey must be submitted for a zoning review.
  2. The applications must be dated, signed, and notarized. Please give the Building Department a telephone number where the applicant can be reached in case of additional information required.
  3. The Section, Block, and Lot (item number 5) may be obtained from the Tax Assessor's Office at 
    222 Grace Church Street, Third Floor
    Port Chester, NY 
    Phone: 914-939-3566
  4. The insurance information requested on the back of the application must be signed by either the contractor or the homeowner.
  5. All items must be supplied at the time of submittal or applications will not be accepted. There shall be a minimum, non-refundable, review of $75 for residential, and $100 for commercial. Upon favorable review, this fee will be credited towards the building permit fee as determined in the fee schedule.

 Approval from the architectural board of review does not constitute approval for a building permit.

 Please contact the building department three working days after the architectural review board meeting for details on finalizing permit requirements.

Note: The Architectural Board of Review meets the first Thursday and the Third Monday of every month. The last date for submittal for these meetings is ten (10) days prior to the meeting date.  No applications will be accepted after the final submittal date.

Disposal of all construction debris is the responsibility of the owner or contractor through private carter. The village does not collect construction debris.