Port Chester Downtown Sanitary Sewer Revitalization Project

The Village of Port Chester is actively working on improving the sanitary sewer collection system. Although multiple sewer lining projects were completed over the last few years which totaled over 126,000 linear feet of sewer pipe, the need to revitalize the trunk sewer lines in the village's most sensitive areas remained the ultimate goal.

Residents should know that Port Chester is responsible for decreasing the amount of I&I in the sanitary sewer system and eliminate the identified SSOs within the village- basically, we need to reduce and ultimately eliminate the marriage of stormwater and sanitary water within our various pipe systems. Such flows must be separated. In addition to our need to eliminate and/ or reduce I&I, the village's trunk sewers are undersized for the current density of Port Chester and need to be replaced withsewer manhole cover larger sewers that can transfer peak flows and do so without surcharging. 

Most of the village sewer system was constructed prior to 1930. The majority of the sewers south of Westchester Avenue (the downtown area) were installed prior to 1900, although, the average age of the sewer pipes is approximately 85 years old as a result of upkeep and replacement of piping as it ages.

In June 2022 the Port Chester Board of Village Trustees moved to adopt a sanitary sewer capital plan to upgrade and replace strategic areas of the village's main sewer lines with greater sized pipe.

Enthusiastic to move forward, we will soon move into the design and permitting phase of this project. This phase alone may take nine months to one year to complete. Thereafter, the first phase of construction is anticipated to begin along Ryan Avenue and terminate at the intersection of Smith Street and Westchester Avenue.

This project will truly be transformational for the Village of Port Chester and provide a significant benefit to all of our residents, small businesses, and the coastline environment we cherish so dearly.

Very truly yours,
Stuart L. Rabin
Village Manage