2023 Port Chester Street Paving Project

The Village of Port Chester has approved a street resurfacing project that will begin in the Fall of 2023.

This project will include the milling and paving of certain streets within village, and also may include the replacing of curbing and catch basins and implementation of other stormwater enhancements. At present time, project's scope includes:

  • Cottage Avenue (from Grace Church Street to Midland Avenue)
  • Merritt Street (from Westchester Avenue to W. William Street)
  • Pine Place (from Parkway Drive to Poplar Street)
  • Hawley Avenue (from King Street to Munson Street)
  • Hawley Avenue (from Munson Street to W. Glen Avenue)
  • Sherman Street (from S. Regent Street to Grandview Avenue)
  • Inwood Avenue (from Sherman Street to DEAD END)
  • Rectory Street (from N. Main Street to Willett Avenue)
  • Spring Street (from Westchester Avenue to William Street)
  • Breckenridge Avenue (from Irving Avenue to Irenhyl Avenue)
  • Webber Drive (from Armett Street to Midland Avenue)
  • Beech Street Parking Lot

Upon the conclusion of the BID process, residents will be notified in advance via street postings of adjusted parking regulations necessary to complete the work certain roads. 

Your attention and cooperation in ensuring that your vehicle(s) are parked on your driveway or other off street locations during construction will be appreciated at such time.

*The scope of this project may be adjusted at a future date subject to utility company improvements and road work*