Illegal Dumping: Signage, Fines, and Enforcement


As you drive through the village you should begin to notice the posting of the village's new NO DUMPING ALLOWED signage in strategic areas.

Illegal dumping has been a true quality-of-life issue plaguing village streets for some time. Transient people and entities illegally leaving their trash and bulk items on our right of ways in the late hours of the evening or early morning hours has caused for sullied streets, angered residents, and blight.

The village's newer and more severe regulations impose a greater penalty on those who visit the Village of Port Chester with the sole intention to litter or dump their items on our roads for us to then clean up.

This signage will be installed with the mission to deter illegal dumping in those areas of our village where these types of offenses have been incessant and routine. 

In addition to signage and stronger penalties, the illegal dumping initiative will include more vigilant surveillance and patrol by the PCPD officers detailed to the midnight schedules.