New York State Lifting Restrictions In Former COVID-19 "Hot Spots," Including The Village of Port Chester

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Governor Cuomo has announced that most micro-cluster yellow, orange, and red zone restrictions have been lifted for most parts of New York State.
The Village of Port Chester may now begin operating, once again, under the NY Forward plan that was adopted by the Governor in the Summer of 2020.
Please remember, however, that although this is good news for our village and our residents moving forward, we must remain vigilant in our dedication to continuing to exercise caution as this virus is still very contagious. 
Food Services:
  • All guidance and approvals for opening apply to restaurants, food service establishments, food trucks, and concessions.
  • Indoor capacities are to be regulated by management and limited as not to exceed 50% OF THE PERMITTED MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY (Exclusive of Employees).
  • Mandtory and recommended best practices for safety can be found on the NY FORWARD website.  Business owners must adhere to social distancing, establish a safety plan, and read & affirm the New York State business affirmation guidelines adopted during the Summer of 2020.  Additionally, businesses must ensure that indoor and outdoor tables with seating are separated by a minimum of 6ft in all directions.  Guests/ invitees to dine together at a single table must no exceed 10 persons; there is no requirement that all persons must be related to dine together.
  • Mandatory weekly COVID-19 testing of students, teachers, and district employees are hereby suspended.  In-person settings may continue.
Churches, Synagouges, and Other Houses of Workship:
  •  Indoor capacity for religious services and programming may not exceed 33% of the building's maximum capacity.
  • Outdoor capacity for religious services may not exceed 50 people.
Mass Gatherings:
  • Indoor gatherings remain lmited to 10 people or fewer.
  • Outdoor mass gatherings are limited to 50 people.