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September 6, 2021: Hurricane Ida
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Office of the Village Manager
Village Residents:
Just five days ago, the Village of Port Chester was severely impacted by the rain and flooding brought on by Hurricane Ida.  At this time the village remains resolved in deploying as much manpower and equipment as possible on the ground to support our residents and do everything within its powers to help YOU make it through this most difficult time.  We know that many families have lost countless possessions, suffered from property damage, and even have serious concerns about their ability to rebuild.  The Village of Port Chester is on your side and at your service.
Over the last few days, you have seen our DPW push itself beyond capacity to help clean up after this storm event, enormous yards of bulk and construction material removed from properties and hauled away to do their part to help you make it through the day.  It is our privilege to serve you and be there for you when your need is the direst.  As you may have already learned, our village like so many other neighbors throughout Westchester County suffered from hurricane flooding pummeling an expansive floodplain and storm system that led to streets becoming rivers and backyards to lakes.  With nowhere left to expand, these waters entered basements and garages and did not stop there for too many to count.
I spent another day surveying our village in the aftermath of Ida, speaking with residents and contractors about how to move forward.  What we do know, at least right now, is how we can proceed.  Marching forward today seems like a very long journey.  The hurdles that many will have to leap to eventually have some semblance of normalcy in their own homes seems so far down that the road that it is almost impossible to contemplate and frustrating to think or communicate about.  We know, though, that our residents are strong, resilient, and determined people representing just about every nation, tradition, and culture on the planet- that is the village's strength.  Port Chester does not give up.
I have provided some information below that should be supportive to help many of our residents take their first steps on the journey to rebuild- but there will certainly be more information coming almost each hour.  It also provides some information for many of those residents who have been temporarily displaced by flooding and structural damage to their property or apartments.
Please be sure to sign up for village alerts through REGROUP by visiting www.Regroup.com and follow the village's Facebook page www.facebook.com/portchesterny.
The Village of Port Chester’s staff and departments will continue to be here to lend support, guidance, and assistance in any way that it can and go above and beyond when that’s what it takes; it is what we do.
Stay safe and stay strong.  We are here for you.
Stuart L. Rabin
Village Manager
The Village of Port Chester
  • Governor Kathy Hochul today announced that President Joe Biden approved an expedited Major Disaster Declaration for Westchester County. This will help provide for federal financial relief for local governments and New Yorkers and deliver individual and public assistance for eligible New Yorkers recovering from the flooding damage caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ida.
  • FEMA and New York State have been on the ground evaluating damages for about 3 days. Following a ‘Major Disaster Declaration’, and on the approval of the White House, FEMA will be able to offer financial assistance to municipalities through one program, and to residents through ‘individual assistance’ programs.
  • Please make sure you are carefully documenting all damages in writing and with photographs.  
  • Following a Major Disaster Declaration, FEMA will set up Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) where people can file claims for assistance in communities which are particularly damaged. We are working with FEMA to organize DRCs throughout the county as well as mobile DRCs where residents can file online or remotely. Log on to www.fema.gov for more information.
  • Individuals in Westchester County can apply online at www.disasterassistance.gov or by calling 1-800-621-3362 (TTY: 800-462-7585)
  • Residents who need housing assistance should reach out to DSS. In emergency cases, they can call 914-995-2099
  • Feeding Westchester is working to respond to food insecurity. Residents with need can go to their website at www.feedingwestchester.org to find pantries or food assistance near them.
  • The Village of Port Chester will receive a small amount of cleaning kits tomorrow from the Red Cross.  Please call the Village Manager’s office at 914.939.2200 to request one while supplies last.
  • The village has created a new email address: [email protected]. we ask that you utilize this address and send us your stories and experiences during and after Hurricane Ida. Photos and other attachments are welcomed and encouraged. Your stories and information will help our emergency management team learn about how the village was impacted differently around the village and other pertinent information that we can use for future preparation and infrastructure studies and improvements.